Membership Application

Those interested in becoming COKC members should attend a member meeting where they can fill out an application.  $25 must accompany this application (This total is the first years dues.)  Payment can be submitted in person by cash or check at a Membership meeting or by debit/credit card in the store link for New Member by clicking here   An applicant accepted into membership after January 1 will be considered paid through the following year.

Membership application process for Central Ohio Kennel Club

Step 1: An applicant must attend a Membership meeting and be introduced as a visitor.  An application form may be obtained or brought at this meeting.

Step 2: The First reading of the completed application will take place at the next Membership meeting. (applicant must be present at this meeting.)

Step 3: At the subsequent membership meeting, the Second reading of the completed application with take place (applicant must be present at this meeting.)  After the second reading of the application, the applicant will be asked to step out while voting occurs.  Discussion may follow and then a vote is taken by the membership in attendance.  The affirmative vote of 3/4 of the members present shall be required to elect the applicant.  If the applicant is approved, the applicant will be invited to return to the meeting where the approval is announced by the Membership Chair.

Step 4: If the applicant is denied membership, the Membership Chair will step out of the meeting and so inform the applicant.  If the applicant is approved, and returns to the meeting, the President will obtain from the Membership Chair an New Member packet and present to the new member.

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